Pretty much just the title. Just wondering if finances taken into account are at the time of filing or at the time of the 341 creditors meeting?

Asking as a matter of law - what does the law say?

  • For what purpose within the bankruptcy? There isn't necessarily a single data upon which this is evaluated for all purposes.
    – ohwilleke
    Nov 4 '20 at 22:59

At the time of filing it is typical to file a long form with information about the state of your finances. Weeks or months later at the time of meetings or hearings, it is plausible that someone might ask for updated information, but I think that is unusual. Generally if you have a negative change in finances it might be worthwhile to file an update, and if there is a positive change in finances it might be worthwhile to delay it until the plan is finalized, or at the very least avoid making that information known more than necessary. For example, no tweeting about your big inheritance, and no flashy purchases from your lottery win.

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