If I compose an online trivia quiz for general users, and create questions such as

  • Q1) To which Hogwarts House did Harry Potter belong ? (based on a Harry Potter book)
  • Q2) Does a honey badger attack a lion ? (based on a specific National Geographic video)
  • Q3) Who said this in 2002 "..." ? (based on an article in say, TIME magazine)

Is this a violation of any copyright law ? Am I expected to take explicit permissions etc. ?


Q1 and Q2 are definitely not copyright violations. Copyright protects original expression. Your questions are yours; the only things you are using are the names, and copyright doesn't cover them on their own.

The quotation in Q3 might conceivably come under copyright. However in practice it is very likely to be fair use (unfortunately nothing is definitely fair use until a court rules on it, but I can't imagine a short quotation in a quiz being an issue).

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