I work for a Canadian corporation and will be relocating to Connecticut for 6 months. The firm will continue to pay my Canadian salary as per usual and will give me a monthly allowance in USD.

Any idea what kind of income taxes I might have to pay on this money?

Also, the firm will be renting me a place in Connecticut for the 6 months. Is this a taxable benefit of some kind ?

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  • Probably best to ask an accountant. If somebody does answer this question they'll probably need to know an estimate of how much money you expect to receive. Are you officially working for the Canadian corporation during the time, or will you be an independent contractor for that time? I'm not sure if the following is needed, but they may need to know your immigration status to answer this question. I am also not voting to close this question. While it may seem to ask for specific legal advice, this question can easily be restated to meet the requirements. – Viktor Dec 13 '15 at 19:16

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