Either in USA California or in India (choose whichever you like) can a person sue oneself back for damages? Has anyone ever defamed themselves and then sued themselves for defamation?

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    Why? Just... why? – Studoku Nov 21 '20 at 17:20
  • Just like that.Is it possible? – ask Nov 21 '20 at 17:33
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    Some examples can be found at loweringthebar.net/category/autolitigation – Nate Eldredge Nov 22 '20 at 21:10
  • I have made this question not opinion based by making it historical. Either something has or hasn't occurred in the past (without regard to what may happen in the future). – Libra Nov 23 '20 at 18:40


Yes, and there can be cases this is profitable.

  1. You negligently killed someone in a car accident.

  2. You need to sue yourself to use your insurance.

  3. The victim is dead so their estate goes to you.

  4. So you sue yourself on the estates behalf, the estate wins, and you get the estate.

Directly suing yourself is impossible however.

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    This would not be suing yourself; it would be the estate suing you -- similar to Facebook suing Mark Zuckerberg. – bdb484 Nov 22 '20 at 6:07
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    @bdb484 All suits must be brought by and against recognized legal entities, and an estate is not a legal entity in this case/jurisdiction. The executor of the estate is the legal entity. – zibadawa timmy Nov 22 '20 at 7:26
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    Which jurisdiction are you talking about? – bdb484 Nov 22 '20 at 7:42
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    Utah? What makes you think an estate is not a legal entity in Utah? The IRS treats them as legal entities throughout the United States. – bdb484 Nov 22 '20 at 8:13
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    I see what you're saying. But even then, do you actually have anyone suing anyone? You just have people coming into an existing probate-court proceeding and asserting their position. And even when you actually sue the administrator, it's more like an official-capacity 1983 claim -- the person's name is on the case, but they aren't really responsible for defending and aren't going to be the one to pay any damages. – bdb484 Nov 22 '20 at 19:10

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