Wondering about the NY travel restrictions: if I were to complete the self-quarantine requirement etc, and then leave NY (to a place very nearby, Jersey City NJ) and come back to NY the next day, would I be required to go through the quarantine process again?


No, you will not be required to quarantine. The quarantine requirement only applies to travelers arriving from non-contiguous states (i.e., states not bordering New York). From the detailed guidance for quarantine restrictions, as of November 3, 2020:

Quarantine Criteria for Travel

All travelers entering New York from a state that is not a contiguous state, or from a CDC Level 2 or 3 Travel Health Notice country, shall quarantine for a period of 14 days, consistent with Department of Health regulations for quarantine, unless:

  1. For travelers who traveled outside of New York for more than 24 hours, such travelers must obtain testing within 72 hours prior to arrival in New York, AND
  2. Such travelers must, upon arrival in New York, quarantine according to Department of Health guidelines, for a minimum of three days, measured from time of arrival, and on day 4 may seek a diagnostic test to exit quarantine.

For travelers that meet the criteria above, the traveler may exit quarantine upon receipt of the second negative test result.

Contiguous states are Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Vermont. Travelers from these states are not subject to this guidance.

Travelers who leave New York State for less than 24 hours do not need to obtain a diagnostic test before departing and do not need to quarantine upon return. However, such travelers must fill out the traveler form upon entry and must obtain a diagnostic test on the fourth day after arrival in New York.

(bolding mine)

  • Thanks! You also cleared up another misconception I was apparently under. I thought the quarantine was only 3 days long for anyone and that the 14-day quarantine was outdated, but now I see that it's 3 days for New York residents who traveled outside and 14 for residents of non-contiguous states.
    – Yujiri
    Nov 24 '20 at 4:45
  • 1
    @Yujiri: I don't think it's actually residence-based; so far as I can tell, anyone can go through the two-test process to exit quarantine early. Nov 24 '20 at 12:50

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