I am a sole-trader who operates purely in the UK, and I also have a corresponding (dormant) Limited company on 'Companies House'. I have both .com and .co.uk suffixes. I also have .eu suffix, and would like to continue to protect it post-Brexit, as I do not want others taking advantage of my lack of cross-border priveleges and 'piggyback' my business name (which is same as my domain prefix). Up to now I do not have any direct links to the EU27.

As things currently stand, the EU plan to uni-laterally revoke .eu domain suffixes from non-eligible people/organizations. One possible option to protect the domain would be to set up a (dormant) limited company in Estonia, Rep. Ireland or any other low-cost but reliable member state. What significant obligations would accompany this? Are there any other inexpensive ways to protect the .eu domain name?

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There is also the option of a trustee service. Here, they write:

Requirements for the .eu trustee service:

  • Postal address in the respective country of registration for the AdminC (administrative contact) or the OwnerC (owner contact)

  • Legal agreement with a trustee service provider, e.g. the registrar

  • Local contact person for the domain

The customer is the owner of the domain, the trustee service provider is specified as the administrative partner (AdminC).

Deadline to act seems to be Dec. 31, 2020. A trustee service might be easier and cheaper than setting up a Ltd somewhere inside the EU.

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