Suppose, I create an Android app that streams music/songs illegally by playing them in a YouTube player while hiding the player view, and also allows downloading the videos offline both of which are clearly illegal as per YouTube ToS. However, I'm not using AdMob or any other Google service, and there is no author attribution as to who created the app; moreover, no content or song is hosted on my own server.

This app would not be submitted to Google Play Store or Apple Store.

  1. What are the legal actions that Google can take against me for creating such an app, as per Indian Laws?
  2. What can they do against my app, considering it's not on Play Store?
  3. What actions can any other Music Company / Licensing company take against me for illegally allowing streaming their songs in my app?
  • Terms of Service are for the end-user. As far as the app itself being illegal, I'm guessing your app would only be illegal if it bypassed some sort of protection mechanism. Otherwise it's the users of your app which would be breaking the terms of service... which isn't necessarily illegal, it's just against the TOS and the user could be banned. (Maybe if your TOS doesn't cover it, the user of your app could sue you if they were banned??) – pcalkins Dec 14 '20 at 18:49

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