my GF & I have discovered recently that our flatmate had made a false police report in Germany while she visited her partner there.

In her report she told the police that her bag was stolen while in actual fact she sent it back to us in Italy by DHL (Received yesterday), so that she could lie to her partner to stay with her longer.

We received the package today and since we do not want to be involved in any police related matter, can anyone advice the consequences and if it is serious, we would prefer to call the police and explain.

We have all the proof that showed the sender was our flatmate herself.

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    Right now you have suspicions, not facts.Your flatmate may or may not have committed a crime in Germany. Falsely reporting a crime to the police is an offense, but you do not know what exactly she reported to the police (or if she lied about making the report, too). You are currently in Italy and so now you have some information which suggests that there may have been a minor offense abroad. First, take a deep breath.Tell the truth if there is any police inquiry. – o.m. Dec 20 '20 at 19:08

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