Based off of my previous question a young enough child (approximately 13 or younger) can not authorize the police to search their home: In the USA can a child legally authorize a search of a residence he lives in?

I'm wondering if police could ask a child to bring a piece of evidence outside of his home, and then claim it is in plain sight. Would it matter if the item was in somewhere the child does not have their parent's permission to enter, such as the parent's bedroom, vs getting the item from common shared space?

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    Presumably, the real question is not whether the police could ask, surely they can (and legally so, whether or not it is admissible which might be worth it in the case of a dangerous object or one needed to treat, e.g. an OD or poisoning case, even if not admissible as evidence), but whether evidence obtained in this manner would be admissible as evidence in a criminal case.
    – ohwilleke
    Jan 13 at 0:11

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