Me and my grandpa signed this simple finance contract just yesterday, but what we didn’t notice was so many sheets that we signed that weren’t really pointed out, I know this is not something the seller is supposed to do, but the contract was so terrible, I need to cancel this. Am I on time, conditions? I think we weren’t prepared and didn’t really what was going on, it was our first time on this kind of situation. I want to cancel this contract and also get my trade-in car that I gave them plus $4500 down. May I face penalty fees or something here. I feel so sad of what I just did..

  • Your post is unclear. What is 553-FL-ARB? Without knowing the terms of the contract, we cannot ascertain whether canceling it is penalized or even possible at all. It does seem odd that you did not notice you were signing something with many sheets. – Iñaki Viggers Jan 15 at 13:34

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