I had a 1983 ford f150, my son and his ex friend were supposed to be working on it, well my son moved to another state due to trying to separate himself from the bad influence he was around. So when I asked his friend about getting my truck back he told me he sold it and that he wasn't going to say to who, I told him he had absolutely no right to sell it that I was the only one who had papers for the truck, and I also had the guy I got it from say the same thing. I ended up having to go to court and it was awarded back to me but he still hasn't said who has my vehicle, I do know where it is registered at but it doesn't tell a name. I would even be willing to purchase it back from whomever has it if they honestly had no idea. I guess I'm wondering how they got away with it all even though the last registered owner stated nobody has a copy of anything other than myself and him.and is the one who has it registered now at risk of getting into trouble? How do I report it to the dmv ? So many questions I only want it back it's sentimental more than anything, and I've found out I'm not the first person he's done it to I'm just the first one to take it to court and fight for what's right.

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    This is a case for the police and get a lawyer. We can't assist here as that would be legal advice.
    – Trish
    Feb 8 at 14:23

To forge title papers, and to sell anything that does not belong to the person selling it are crimes. You can report this to the police. They may or may not act on the matter.

To pursue a lawsuit against the people involved may be possible. We cannot give specific advice on how to do that, and the procedure varies from state to state in the US, and from country to country. It is probable that a lawyer's help will be very useful if you want to do this.

Reporting such a matter to the motor vehicle authorities will have a procedure that varies depending on jurisdiction also. The police might be able to advise on how to do that, or a lawyer could perhaps help.

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