You may have seen the recent video of the lawyer who couldn't turn off the cat filter during a Zoom trial.

What struck me about it is the legal warning in the top left frame warning that it is prohibited to record or livestream the hearing. And yet somebody recorded it.

Is somebody going to face contempt charges for this?

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    Wasnt it the judge who released it? – Matt Feb 11 at 2:07
  • I don't know who it was. But could the judge legally record it? – Pete Feb 11 at 2:10
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    I dont know, but Im not sure who is going to hold the judge in contempt if it was him. – Matt Feb 11 at 2:18
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    They were in contempt of cat. – Studoku Feb 11 at 12:12
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    @Studoku, that is an appalling pun. I wish I'd thought of it. – Pete Feb 11 at 14:17

The warning notice is intended for viewers and participants, not for the court to make its own official record of the proceedings.

Presumably, it was this court record that the judge released for educational purposes under his own Order via Twitter. In which case, there has been no contempt of court.

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    I rather doubt the Judge bothered with a legal formality for that short snippet... – Fizz Feb 11 at 16:27
  • An order of the judge does not necessarily need to be that formal. It depends on the circumstances and as it's his court he can just make it so – Rock Ape Feb 12 at 10:02

Last night's news included a 2 minute segment, 'I'm not a cat'.

District Court Judge, the Honorable Roy Ferguson, clearly indicates why he released the video to the public:

This is a time when people are down, and depressed and lonely.
And angry at each other, and at the government.

Everyone is enjoying it.
The feedback is all positive.
People are happy to see it, and they're laughing.
And I hear that that's something we need more of.

Unless he released it without the permission of the embarrassed lawyer, which is highly unlikely, he did nothing inappropriate.

  • Why would the court need the lawyer's permission? – bdb484 Feb 11 at 22:56

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