This is a second attempt at this question.

Does Chile have a homesteading law?

If so, does the Atacama Desert contain land where this could be used; i.e. not owned by anyone and not under other legal constraints (such as being a national park or tribal lands) that would prevent anyone building a homestead?

  • According to this law review article, "under Decree Law No. 1939 of 1977, state property can only be sold through a strict procedure. Article 85 specifies that the sale price of state property must be at least its commercial value, as determined by a Special Commission of Disposals." I suppose it's possible that "homesteading" is legally distinct from buying the land from the government, though, so I wouldn't view this as definitive. – Michael Seifert Feb 13 at 19:13
  • As far as I know, the US s the only country tha has homestading laws. – Trish Feb 13 at 20:41

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