I want to use the "Arphic PRond-Gothic" font for my commercial web-site. Because it was initially installed on my computer (or it was installed with certain soft automatically, anyway I did't bought this font), I can to reason that it is not requiring payment font. If check the font file info, it reads "Copyright 1994-1999. Arphic Technologies".

Is it legal to use this font on my commercial web-site?

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You are allowed to ask browsers to render text in the font. But, if their computer doesn't have that font installed, the browser will not be able to.

See the CSS specs for how this works.

However, you are not allowed to distribute the font, as that would be considered reproduction, and a copyright violation.


As Dawn said correctly, the first hurdle you have to skip is technical and not legal: It's not a trivial matter to make the computers of other people use a font for your website that they most likely don't have.

You are not allowed to distribute the font if you don't have a license that allows it. Licenses for many fonts are not that expensive. If you cannot find any license, then it is foolish to assume that you have a license, and if you make that foolish assumption and then get sued for copyright infringement, a judge will not be happy if you tell him or her that you assumed you could just use the font.

  • Thanks, understood the law part. It's no problem if the visitor of website has not got the rear font: CSS engine allows easily to set substitudes if unable to display the rear font. Commented Jan 5, 2016 at 2:29

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