A question for "ethical hackers" or cyber security professionals. I am very interested in the world of cyber security and all aspects of it. I am genuinely interested in the security aspect of it and from a highly ethical and moral perspective. I have purchased "self-teaching" online courses for learning cyber security, this is also dubbed loosely "ethical hacking".

At this point we should not debate my intentions with such activities and I wish you to take them as genuinely ethical. I do understand that many high level organizations such as the NSA, Intelligence Agencies in many countries etcetera do monitor these activities heavily. Therefore I'm sure any such research would be monitored one way or another--- enough said on that.

My question here is, how is it possible to learn in this direction if my country and many others forbid even the possession of software for "hacking" despite intentions? This seems one of the main tools used to learn vulnerabilities and how to defend against them. For ones own security purposes as well as better security for others also and my own software development securities.

While I understand the intentions behind such laws being directed at nefarious intentions, what about progress in this direction, what about people who want to enter the field or simply learn for ethical reasons? According to the criminal code of Canada there is no grey area, see first link below.

An FYI of how I intended to go about learning "hacking" ethically. By using my computer to break into my old brick laptop and learning from there. I wouldn't use such software to hack anyone else unethically, just not interested.




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    I’m voting to close this question because it belongs on security.stackexchange.com – BlueDogRanch Feb 28 at 21:42
  • Oh come now man, I just moved it from there based on someone else's judgement and this is more the place for it! – RobbB Feb 28 at 21:55
  • Its a legitimate LEGAL question that has not been answered before – RobbB Feb 28 at 21:56
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    Thats a wild perversion of my question, I'm not asking how to "avoid law enforcement". This is ridiculous. – RobbB Feb 28 at 22:24
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    You are really misinterpreting my question. You're seeing: how do I do this circumventing law enforcement. Whereas I'm asking: how is this actually done in Canada and other countries? Because obviously there are countless students of ethical hacking & cyber security... – RobbB Feb 28 at 23:21

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