I'm going through a parenting plan modification. Currently my kid has overnights, and there are three kids (7, 11 and my son 4) sleeping in a 108 sq ft room with three beds... I do not think this is adequate.

Is there any legal limit on how many children can sleep in a room of a given size in Illinois?

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    Is there a reason you think this is inadequate, beyond a suspicion that the law disallows it? – Nij Mar 5 at 3:27
  • There is no room to do anything in the room. Barely enough room to walk in it – Chris Mar 5 at 3:37
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    Well, it is a bedroom. If you can walk from door to bed and back, and sleep in it, it appears to be perfect. – Nij Mar 5 at 3:42
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    Can each kid walk from door to bed and back, and sleep in the room? Toys are not necessary for sleep. – Nij Mar 5 at 3:46
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    Is there a particular law you are worried about? The only parenting laws I've ever heard of would use general terms, i.e. you may not neglect your children. They'd never mandate that a bedroom has to have toys in it! Though if your children have no toys at all, that will be taken into account when deciding whether you are neglectful, for example. – user253751 Mar 5 at 11:02

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