I purchased a Cricut Joy in the UK a few months ago. Without warning or previous indication, Cricut have introduced a subscription fee to use the device I paid for, in full, with my own files more than 20 times per month. Is this legal? I'd be surprised if it is.



  • Could you elaborate a bit more on what you mean by "my own files"? From what I gather, the Cricut Joy is some kind of cloud based art label printer. When their software doesn't support anything less than Windows 8, and it requires Internet to function, that should have been a red flag that the company will somehow remove your ability to use the product when they want to. Their system requirements do list an offline mode for desktop and iOS. Are you using the Android version of their software which requires Internet? – Alex Cannon Mar 17 at 15:14
  • The Windows application previously allowed unlimited loading of SVG and PNG files into the application for cutting with a blade from various materials. For instance, you could export from KiCAD and have it cut basic prototype circuits out of foil tape in seconds. Changes were announced here, sounds like they're walking it back after the blowback: inspiration.cricut.com/… There was previously a note on the product page advertising unlimited uploads with no indication of plans to change this. – jameswilddev Mar 18 at 19:13

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