Can the city have my truck towed out of my driveway? The tags are up today and I'm working on it with no warning.

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    Has the city given you a reason for the tow? And is "your drive way" on "your property"?
    – hszmv
    Mar 17 '21 at 16:41
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    We rent the property and it was broke down in the front yd about 3 months ago and they tagged it End gave us 10 calendar days to move ithen I fixed it and it was in my driveway and it broke down again Me andand my daughter was replacing a coil and they came in towed it said it was a Junk vehicle but it's tag Registered And up-to-date Is there anything I can do
    – Thomas
    Mar 17 '21 at 16:47
  • Driveways may not be your property in every sense. City ordinances may explicitly forbid you from repairing a vehicle in your driveway.
    – Trish
    Mar 17 '21 at 16:48
  • Before engaging a lawyer, consider checking if the city has an appeals process.
    – Rick
    Mar 17 '21 at 16:58
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    Lots of cities have ordinances against non-functioning cars in your own driveway. Being registered doesn't help. Mar 17 '21 at 17:35

You need a lawyer who handles civil-rights law. Fourth Amendment search-and-seizure law is the heart of most police-misconduct claims, so you should look for a lawyer who handles that type of work: false arrest, malicious prosecution, excessive force, etc.

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