I started working in a retail store. It has no lunch room, break room, or a place where employees can sit comfortably to relax. In practice there's a storage area where people use bins to eat their meal off of, but its intended use is not for this.

Is there a law regarding this? What legal actions are possible?

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Is there a law regarding this?

The relevant law is the Employment Standards Act of British Columbia which only requires an employer to provide meal breaks for employees but not somewhere for them to eat their meal.

  1. (1) An employer must ensure

(a) that no employee works more than 5 consecutive hours without a meal break, and

(b) that each meal break lasts at least 1/2 hour.

What legal actions are possible?

None - unless there's a breach of, say, health and safety legislation by allowing meals to be eaten in a refuse area, but that's off-topic.

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