In California, many realtors use the "C.A.R. Form LR, Rev 12/19" which can be found at: https://www.car.org/-/media/CAR/Documents/Transaction-Center/PDF/Standard-Forms/December-2019-New-Forms-Release/LR-VERSION-2-FINAL.pdf

Clause 8 is about storage. Some leasers check 8A and write in that the garage is "included storage", along with restrictions detailed in 8A. However, from 8B it is clear that the tenant may already store their own personal property on the premises. Isn't a garage, especially a garage which is physically attached to the dwelling, already "part of the premises"? And if the garage is included under clause 8A, then does that disallow the store of things like gasoline, paint, charcoal, lighter fluid etc. in the garage?

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