I live in Missouri. I met with a landscaper last spring, he gave me a price of $3700 to do some work about 9 months ago. The company didn't have time to do this work or couldn't fit it in or whatever but now, 9 months later.. I'm asking for my (partial payment $2000) back and he's saying they will mail it but I get this funny feeling that they wont. The reason is that I see a lot of online reviews where others are saying they got ripped off by this company. So my question is, how long do I have? Like is there some sort of time-span where a 'limitation' kicks in? (I don't know the legal terms). What can I do if this company doesn't pay me back and keeps making excuses?

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You have 4 years from when you paid.


  • The OP should note that that's four years to commencement of a lawsuit, not four years until he/she talks to an attorney or writes a demand letter.
    – msh210
    Jan 12, 2016 at 7:47

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