Not sure if this is a correct reddit. It looks like my phone number has been leaked somewhere and I 'won $5000 dollars' last week according to one call (yeah, right). Today I get a different voicemail from another number that I need to call them immediately ('leave your work aside') to discuss 'the matter' as otherwise they will need 'take legal action against me'.

My fraud alarm bells have rang the bells and on one hand I think I should just ignore it. After all I presume a legitimate claims would rather use more formal phase than 'leave your work aside', present themselves on who they are and why they are calling ("I'm calling on behalf of ________ to discuss ________"). They would also try to contact by post as well. The google of the phone number does not give any information.

On the other hand I'm quite nervous about legal matters and I try to follow letter of the law to the t. In the unlikely situation that this is legitimate do I lose anything if I claim that I thought this is a fraud in good faith and that's why I haven't responded?

EDIT I contacted PD and while they haven't took the report as I wasn't victim they confirmed that no legitimate business would do it over the phone.

  • Are you trying to ask if anything bad could happen if you ignore it or if your eported it to the police? Your last sentence implies the latter but the rest of this post implies the former. – Studoku Mar 29 at 17:52
  • @Studoku the former. Though I guess I could report it on non-emergency number to the Police to have a paper trail. – User Mar 29 at 17:54
  • Why would a random "winner" be faced with legal action? This sounds like a attempt at an Advance Fee Fraud aka 419 scam where they say you have to pay a handling charge or some such nonsense before you get your "winnings". If were me I'd ignore it and block the numbers. – Rock Ape Mar 29 at 18:04
  • @RockApe I think this is another scam. The first one is definitely 419 scam. – User Mar 29 at 18:06
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    Is there a usage of "Reddit" as meaning "website" or "subforum"? – Ren Eh Daycart Mar 30 at 17:17

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