I had an ultrasound at a hospital. The doctor over there gave me some recommendations. I wasn’t sure about these recommendations and wrote an email to the management asking other doctors to review those recommendations. They did review and provided an answer. I asked for those doctor’s names. Hospital refused to disclose. Is hospital violating any laws?

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    Most of the relevant rights arise under state law, although some federal laws apply. The answer to the question is not necessarily the same in every state. – ohwilleke Apr 2 at 23:11

In this statement of "Patient Rights & Responsibilities from Nash UNC it is said that:

A patient has the right to know the names and the jobs of his or her caregivers.

But I do not find any actual law that establishes such a right. Hospitals usually have a policy that doctors and other caregivers must wear name-tags and identify themselves to patients, but that does not necessarily apply to questions after the fact, nor can I be sure that any law mandates such a policy.

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