In a game called ROBLOX, users can monetize their games through a program called DevEx. Many users who use this program what seems to be obvious copyright infringement issues in their game to a certain degree at least.

I understand that this isn't ROBLOX's liability based on their Terms of Service, but I'm unsure of how to determine user liability.

Users may upload music for a virtual currency fee to the site and often upload a plethora of popular songs, and game developers can use those uploads for free in their own game. If the owner of a copyright files a complaint, does it fall under the responsibility of the user that uploaded it originally or the game creator?


Both. The user made an infringing copy with the upload, the developer did with the download.

Further the ToS between the app owner and the user will not protect them from being sued by the owner of the copyright. They don't have any ToS with them.

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