I am being made redundant, and as part of that process I am being offered training, including a significant amount of 1 to 1 coaching. The coaches are paid by the company, and have no contractual relationship to me. They have agreed to a code of conduct to non-disclosure.

I would be able to get most value out of this coaching if I could as confident of our confidentiality as an NDA provides, and talk freely about my business plans, which I think are good, and so could be stolen for profit.

How could one go about forming a contractual NDA in this situation? I would be quite comfortable asking questions of any party here, as long as it was not a stupid question. I would be happy to pay the coach extra, on top of what they are getting otherwise.

If anyone had any opinions on how realistic my worry is, or the social issues of making such an offer I would be interested.

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    I for one have a hard time making sense of your post (although I am not the one who VTC). What do "redundancy training" and "hot new buzzword laden ideas" mean? Since this is an employer-funded program, it seems unrealistic for you to expect you have much --or any-- power to have the counterparties agree to your requirements. – Iñaki Viggers Apr 20 at 22:28
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    What does your redundancy agreement say about the training? It may set out details about the training, or there may be legal restrictions on what must be offered (e.g. if they promise confidential, third-party advice it's hard to see that as compatible with a situation where the advisors run to report everything you said to your employers). You could also see if the advisors are governed by any professional or organisational code. Having said that, if you're willing to pay the coach extra, why not hire someone yourself, and keep it entirely independent? – Stuart F Apr 21 at 11:25