Three days ago, I got a yellow parking violation notice. I don't want to divulge my case's fact pattern to protect privacy. Suffice it to say that I was with my elderly mom in the car, who has many pre-existing health conditions. We genuinely believed she had a medical emergency.

What defences can I invoke? What's the relevant case law or statute? I read the Administrative Penalty By-law and it mentions "Undue Hardship", but it doesn't appear to say anything on defences based on medical reasons.

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I know New York law differs from Toronto law, but Can you beat an NYC parking ticket with a medical emergency? feels relevant.

Absolutely. If you are involved in an unexpected medical emergency affecting a human being, you can raise the medical emergency as a defense to an NYC parking ticket.You will need to submit evidence of the medical emergency, such as:

  • “Hospital or Clinic emergency admission paperwork”
  • “Statement from medical staff indicating the nature of the emergency”

Raising a properly documented medical emergency as a defense to an NYC parking ticket doesn’t guaranty a dismissal, but it is a defense that is given serious consideration by the NYC parking ticket hearing officials.

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From your link

EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES - a special or specified circumstance, including such types of extenuating circumstances established by the City Solicitor, that partially or fully exempts a person from performance of a legal obligation so as to avoid an unreasonable or disproportionate burden or obstacle.

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