I own a semi-detached house 10m tall. A large garage on the detached side shares the bottom 2m of the wall. It belongs to the neighbours, who will build a house to replace the garage. Is the whole side wall considered a party wall, or only the bottom 2m?


I would say all of the 10m wall based on the definition given at s.20 of the Party Wall Act 1996:

"party wall” means—

(a) a wall which forms part of a building and stands on lands of different owners to a greater extent than the projection of any artificially formed support on which the wall rests; and

(b) so much of a wall not being a wall referred to in paragraph (a) above as separates buildings belonging to different owners;

NB as per s.22(4), the 1996 Act extends to England and Wales only.

  • That makes sense, thank you - then I will edit my question to add that the wall is fully on my land, since it seems to make that definition not apply.
    – Gaspard B
    Apr 29 '21 at 12:14
  • @GaspardB please don’t edit an answered question to make the answer inaccurate - ask another question instead
    – Dale M
    Apr 29 '21 at 12:24
  • Ok, reverting, apologies.
    – Gaspard B
    Apr 29 '21 at 12:25

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