I plan to invest in a fund that is provided by a company that does real estate business. I have conducted business with them for a while and have established some trust.

The fund pays a fixed interest rate on capital investment with a 3 year lockup period.

The fund works by having investors become "class B" members of the LLC under which the company operates.

I am aware of the risks of the investment as it pertains to the business that is being conducted (real estate trends, etc.)

However, the agreement is 90 pages long and I feel that I should get it reviewed for any big "gotchas" (e.g. the company gets sued for millions and I am one of the defendants because I am technically a member of the company, stuff like that ... )

What type of lawyer should I search for to review the document?

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    The help center specifi9cally permits "Dealing with legal professionals" as an allowable category of questions. This one fits and should not be closed. If closed I will vote to reopen. This is not asking for legal advice, it is asking for advice oin how to choose a lawyer. May 10 '21 at 14:53

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