I'm a Russian citizen and I'm going to send a gift to my friend from EU (Poland). I heard that after 1st July countries of EU get new rules of VAT, and they also mean, that now you must pay VAT, even if your parcel's price is lower than 22€. However, everywhere where I read about it, it's said that these rules are applied to sellers.

So, I would like to ask: will the rules affect this certain parcel, if I'm not a seller or an entrepreneur and I'm just sending a gift? Is it possible, that, if this parcel will come to Poland after 1st July, the receiver will have to pay VAT for it?

Thank you in advance.

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You must distinguish between eCommerce/Internet shops and Gift shipments.

Based on you question, you will be sending a Gift shipment.

Based on German Customs pages, the rules for eCommerce will change.

  • There is no meantion for any changes for Gift shipments on their site.

Paketda, a Consumer portal, states explicitly that Gift shipments are not effected.

Eine gute Nachricht: Die Freigrenze von 45 Euro für Geschenke von Privatpersonen an Privatpersonen bleibt bestehen. Bis zu diesem Betrag werden keine Einfuhrabgaben (Steuern und Zoll) erhoben.

Good news: The exemption limit of 45 euros for gifts from private individuals to private individuals remains in place. Up to this amount, no import duties (taxes and customs) are levied.

For a Gift shipment up to €45, your friend should not expect to pay any VAT.


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