Visiting Prague on a trip round Europe I vividly remember being warned that if our party were too noisy outside a residents window at night we might have eggs dropped on us. We certainly didn't make that mistake.

Now I live in a flat in a UK city, in a student area. It is not an uncommon occurrence for someone to stop and have a conversation outside my window in the wee hours. I have even been treated to drunken guitar renditions of pop songs, that where not that great to begin with. It's because there is a sheltered archway there, and so its a nice dry place to stop on the way home from a good night out. Most of the time, if asked to move on, people will oblige. If they are particularly drunk, however, they may decide that they would rather stay right outside my window. Furthermore, being drunk doesn't noticeably make them any quieter.

I could call the police (non-emergancy) at this point, this behaviour probably counts as "drunk and disorderly". But at 2 in the morning, I really just want to get back to sleep. The police probably have better things to do with their time as well.

So would there be legal ramifications to employing a water pistol in this situation?

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    If you film the act, at least then if something goes terribly wrong for you you will have a million hit youtube video to cash in on – Mr. A Jan 25 '16 at 18:16

First, there is the possibility that the person could respond with a real pistol - there would be legal ramifications there but unfortunately they would involve you as the victim.

What you are proposing is nominally assault, however, you are unlikely to be arrested for it.

A better option is to gently escalate the conflict by telling them you will call the police. If that doesn't work call the police and tell them that you have.

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    I live in the UK, so I am probably safe from pistols. Almost no one owns or carries a gun in the UK. – Jekowl Jan 24 '16 at 20:48
  • @Jekowl: Along with this: if the other person mistakes your water pistol for a real pistol you might very well be woken back up by the police storming into your flat. – NotMe Jan 25 '16 at 3:12

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