First time poster in this forum so apologies if I am not framing this question correctly. If I am in the wrong forum or you require more information please just ask before downvoting.

I am wondering about the process of implementing a feature request system for my app. However I am wary of taking an idea from a user and then being sued by them saying that their ideas form part of my intellectual property.

What kind of legal disclaimer etc would I need to implement to prevent this being an issue?

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Ideas are not intellectual property.

  • Artistic and literary works are subject to copyright.

  • Branding is subject to trade mark.

  • Inventions are subject to patents if applied for and granted.

  • Form and function are subject to registered designs if applied for and granted.

Ideas are subject to nothing.

If the communication of the idea is confidential then it can't be disclosed but a feature request where the user implicitly wants it to be incorporated can't be confidential.

  • That's great, cheers mate
    – 3therk1ll
    Jan 26, 2016 at 19:55

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