I am planning to file a writ of mandamus in an Indian High Court against a Government statutory body. Can it be filed in any High Court or is it necessary to file it in a specific High Court within whose jurisdiction the Government body rests?


Can a writ of mandamus be filed in any Indian High Court?

NO, Either the respondent or the cause of action has to be in the High Court's jurisdiction. See clauses 1 and 2 of Article 226 of the Indian Constitution respectively:

(1) ... every High Court shall have powers, throughout the territories in relation to which it exercise jurisdiction, to issue to ... any Government within those territories directions ... including writs in the nature of ... mandamus ...

(2) The power conferred by clause ( 1 ) to issue ... writs to any Government ... may also be exercised by any High Court exercising jurisdiction in relation to the territories within which the cause of action, wholly or in part, arises for the exercise of such power, notwithstanding that the seat of such Government ... is not within those territories

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