This question considers only the permanent move of a vehicle from one state to another in India. This earlier question discussed the process of getting the clearance from the originating Regional Transport Office (RTO) so that the vehicle can be re-registered in the destination state. Suppose the NOC is available and the other documents are in place. What is the procedure to get the vehicle re-registered in the destination state? Is there an online facility for the application?


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In order to get your vehicle re-registered in your new state, you need to take the following to the new RTO:

  • Your vehicle (which the RTO will inspect)
  • Your NOC from your previous state (or if you're selling it, 3 copies of the Form 28)
  • The original previous registration certificate
  • Form 20 to apply for registration
  • Form 27 to apply for a new registration mark
  • Proof of your address
  • Proof of your valid insurance
  • Proof of your valid Pollution Under Control Certificate.
  • Your PAN Card or Form 60 and 61.


Here are links to various forms.

As the vehicle and documents need to be inspected by the RTO, it seems that re-registering a vehicle on-line may not be an option. But you may wish to ask this question at the old RTO.

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