I was wondering of the USA legalities of maintaining recorded video with audio when it comes to cops pulling you over while driving for whatever reason?

I wasn't sure if you have to verbally tell them they are being recorded, have a big sticker that's visible to them telling them this, or if they even need to give some sort of consent or be told about this up front?

If I wish to post this on YouTube.com or online later do I need their consent to do so without obfuscating their faces? If they tell me to stop recording and to turn it off, is this a violation of constitutional rights and do I have to do this legally?

I certainly don't want to get into any trouble for video and audio recording police traffic stops in an illegal manner, but I know they can body or dash cam record the public without our consent so wondering if there's a double-standard here or if I have a right to do this and whether or not I need to tell them verbally or have a big sticker, etc.

I'll split this question up into more separate questions if needed but I wanted to give some context with other questions, etc. so hopefully this will be helpful to people that may have answers to it.


In general, police have no special protection from being recorded; if it is legal to video or audio record a person in that jurisdiction then it is legal to record a police officer in that jurisdiction. Anything that it is legal to do with the recording of a person is legal even if that person is a police officer.

As to if it is legal to record a person see:

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