Not illegible- as far as I know, no one's signed the Voynich manuscript and been held to it- but simply incoherent, needlessly verbose, or prohibitively lengthy?

I recognize that legal language uses a lot of terms of art, and that it's necessarily going to be a bit abstruse, but it seems like most terms of use are entries in some sick competition to see who can ensure as few people as possible actually read the thing.

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    In the title "Is it common for" might lend itself to answers that are opinions where "Can" would lead to answers that are more concrete. Feb 5, 2016 at 18:03

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No, the length, verbosity, or number of terms of art don't affect the validity of a document as evidence of a contract.

However, in-artful drafting can lead to ambiguity. Complexity for its own sake can backfire.

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