On July 8, Quebec announced that they would introduce a vaccine passport by the fall — but would only use it to control access to locations like gyms, bars and restaurants if there is an outbreak.


There was an article about a vaccination passport being implemented in Quebec, but it didn't include an exhaustive list of the businesses that will require a vaccination passport.

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The list has yet to be published, presumably because the legislation has yet to be finalised, but according to this article (posted yesterday, 10/08/21):

Quebec will launch its COVID-19 vaccine passport system as of Sept. 1, Health Minister Christian Dubé announced Tuesday.

With infections on the rise and an “inevitable fourth wave on the way,” Dubé laid out the details of the province’s plan, which will start with gyms, bars, restaurants, festivals and events venues across Quebec.

The vaccine passport will only be used to access non-essential services, but it will not be required for retail stores. As for religious gatherings and weddings, Dubé said the government is still discussing whether or not to include them as events that will require the passport.


There is no law regarding vaccination passports in Québec; therefore there is no exhaustive list of businesses that will require such a passport. This is currently what the government has to say about the matter.

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