In regards to an NDA between a company and one person (employee or outside contractor), should the term "we" and "our" be used instead of "I" and "my"?

For example, here's a clause from my NDA:

We shall never, either during our dealings with COMPANY NAME or at any time after our relationship with COMPANY NAME ends, disclose any COMPANY NAME Proprietary Confidential Information to any third party...


In English, individuals (in the first person) are "me/I" and "mine", individuals and groups (in the second person) are "you" and "your" and groups in the second person (which includes companies) are "we/us" and "our".

You should try to use whatever fits the situation. However, at law, unless the usage creates a real ambiguity, it doesn't matter if you get it wrong: the judge is not your English teacher.

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