This question is strictly hypothetical, but what happens if I never receive a Jury Duty Summons in the state of CA in the mail? Theerefore, I miss whatever trial/week I was assigned to, because I never received the notification in the first place, through no fault of my own?

  • They use someone who did turn up.
    – Dale M
    Aug 20 at 13:08
  • 1
    I think the question is whether you would be punished for failing to appear. Aug 20 at 15:55
  • How would you ever know that you were summoned?
    – ohwilleke
    Sep 19 at 21:45

According to my California county's Superior Court, Failure to Appear/Respond to a Jury Summons:

Pursuant to California Code of Civil Procedure Section 209, any prospective juror who has been summoned for service, and who fails to respond as directed and be excused from attendance, may be found in contempt of court, punishable by fine ($1,500), incarceration (5 days) or both.

There's no other information on the Jury webpages about beyond to call them if you miss the summons date. I suspect that if you did call them, they would just schedule for a new date.

I personally know people who have tossed all their jury summons and nothing has happened to them, but that may not hold true for all California counties.

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