I may have to expend extended periods of time in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This is a country with strong censorship, even blocking WhatsApp calls or Discord.

I am aware that in my home country I do a bunch of things online that would get swiftly blocked as well. So if I want to go there, I will have to use a VPN, as it's the only way I won't feel fear from the government's gaze.

So, is installing a VPN previous to entering the country and using it inside illegal?

After a thorough search I just found some dude's blog defending his country beliefs without any proof and many tech pages affirming they are legal just to advertise them later.


There does not appear to be a direct "statutory" ban no possession or use of a VPN in KSA, instead the government blocks access to VPN connections. There may well be laws against activities which motivate using a VPN, you can check the cyber crimes law here. KSA differs from UAE, where using a VPN is illegal ("fraudulent computer network protocol address" used in the commission of a crime).

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