An attorney began representation of Mr. X some months ago, as assigned counsel, without a letter of representation. Such a letter is needed now in order to make a court-ordered restitution payment to a certain company (which requires a signed letter of representation).

  1. Should this letter be back-dated, or

  2. should it be written in the past tense, stating the date that representation began?

  3. Or should it be a regular letter, with the current date (I'm thinking that for the purposes of the restitution payment, maybe the only thing that matters is the fact that Mr. X is currently represented.)

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Since Mr X has a lawyer, the lawyer should advise what form this letter should take to be most helpful to Mr X's interests.

In the absence of such advice, I would suggest soemthing like

My lawyer, Y, now represents me in connection with {matter} and has done so since {date}.

Plus any additional content that the company wants to see.

  • Thank you, David. So, not back-dated. Very helpful. Sep 29, 2021 at 16:03

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