Example of known recursive acronyms:

  • GNU - GNU's Not Unix
  • Linux - Linux Is Not Unix

Can you use similar approach by including into your project name the letters from major registered trademark brands?

For example:

  • TNI - TNI's Not I.B.M.
  • FINW OS - FINW Is Not Windows

Especially when it clearly states your project is not about them.

And to be clear, the project is going to be always advertised by using the acronyms only. And the meaning of acronym is going to be only expanded in some project brief docs (more like a fun fact).

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    Note: Linux is not an acronym. And neither of the two hypothetical examples for recursive acronyms you give are recursive. Sep 30 at 10:38
  • @JörgWMittag Check the definition of recursive acronym (example: TINT Is Not TECO). And What does LINUX stand for?.
    – kenorb
    Oct 1 at 17:20
  • A recursive acronym is an acronym where the acronym itself occurs as part of the expansion of the acronym. Neither of your two examples have that property, therefore, they are not recursive acronyms. And your second source is simply wrong. Linux does not stand for anything. Linus Torvalds did not want to name it after himself, because he thought that would be arrogant, so he named it Freax, and he sent it to a friend and asked him to upload it to the university's fileserver. However, the friend thought that Linux sounded cooler, so he renamed the file. Neither Freax nor Linux stand for … Oct 1 at 17:31
  • … anything, they are just neologisms based on the common trope of ending words related to Unix with X, e.g. Minix (a small Unix-like OS with a microkernel). Oct 1 at 17:32

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