I'm going to release a XUL Application to my users. It's freeware (and maybe it will be opensource-ed later). Previously I used to package it with XULRunner and ship them all to the end user. Now I have to use firefox -app /path/to/application.ini instead.

However, these slight modifications are required:

  1. I'd like to remove all unnecessary files and directories. Including these directories: browser, components, defaults, dictionaries, gmp-clearkey, icons, webapprt, and almost all .ini files. This is to save memory (around 18MB).

  2. I want to rename firefox, firefox.app and firefox.exe to something else. Also, I want to change (or remove) the default firefox icon.

  3. On Mac, there is an extra step. I'd like to remove 32-bit code from XUL library, using ditto command. This will save more than ~60Mb according to my tests. This is extremely useful as I don't want to have both 32-bit and 64-bit on the same bundle.

Do these modifications require Mozilla's written permission?

There is some information on this page: Mozilla Trademark Policy. However, I can't tell whether they require written permission or not.


I got this answer after contacting trademarks AT Mozilla dot com:

If you are shipping a modified version of Firefox, these steps are required :-) You may not brand it as Firefox in any way. As long as you make that change, you can make whatever other changes you want. That's a freedom given to you by the open source licenses; you don't need our permission.

You will, of course, have to abide by the open source licenses governing our code, for example by telling your users where to get the source code of any MPLed code and Modifications. See: https://www.mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/FAQ/

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