This is the lease I'm using for an example. If the landlord checked that it's for a fixed time and then checked at the end it switches to month to month, what must the landlord go through if they want the tenant to move before the month to month starts? So in the bellow example, I'm asking what notices must the landlord serve to force the tenant to move out on the 30th of April?

screen shot taken of PDF in above link

It would seem in these situations a two month notice is needed to be given but there are also one month notices I'm not sure that would apply in these cases.

In the form for the two month notice, under the "compensation for tenants" it says the landlord has to pay the tenant a months worth of rent. So does this mean in a month to month the tenant gets to live in the home for free on the last month? Must the landlord use this form?

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