I have mobile payment app record of a payment to a general contractor. It is tagged as

Reimburse for TheSubcontractor'

The general contractor has already paid TheSubcontractor.

I discovered during a conversation with the general contractor that they actually paid a sizeable fraction less than the amount to TheSubcontractor. To me that's a serious deal - I would label that as a misappropriation of funds. Surprisingly the contractor does not dispute the disparity but also has no intentions on paying the Subcontractor the difference.

While I realize that home renovation / construction can be wild and woolly this seems a bit pointedly so. I'm not sure what a typical/appropriate way to consider handling this would be.

  • Was the subcontractor happy with the amount and has he given you a lien waiver? General contractors will charge subcontractor's bill + overhead so that's valid.
    – mkennedy
    Feb 25 at 2:33
  • The agreement was no surcharges on labor and materials. Feb 25 at 4:16


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