Suppose that a person is an international student wanting to invest in an existing firm in UK. Which visa types could such a person opt for and what advantages would each type have over a skilled worker visa?

Suppose the person is hoping to obtain ILR (indefinite leave to remain) in the future. Does one type of visa offer a faster route to ILR than another does?


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I believe that one does not need to be physically present in the UK to invest in a UK firm, and thus no visa at all is required for an investor.

Legally, I understand, one need not be present in the UK to be a partner (in a firm structured as a partnership) and some partnerships are in fact international. A partner who is not present in the UK would not need any UK visa. However, the nature of partnership duties might well require physical presence, and indeed a firm might be unwilling to accept as a partner, a person who could not guarantee long-term presence in the UK, and thus such firms might require ILR or a similar status to have been achieved before admitting that person to partnership.

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