First off, this question could probably be worded better. Here's my situation:

I'm a web developer and am creating a template to sell on a popular online marketplace called themeforest.net. The demo of this template is going to mimick a golf course website and is mainly geared toward golf course owners looking to create a website for their course.

Here's an example of a similar template.

I have a ton of high res pictures over the years of golf courses and instead of buying some to use I figured I could just use the ones I've taken myself.

My question is that I'm not sure if I can use these pictures without the individual golf courses permission.

I found a similar question here although that particular one was more for taking pictures of people's homes.

The pictures would be included to use for free in the templates I sell.

  • You will probably need to add which country/state this is about, as such laws often differ by location, just like laws regarding photographs of people. Aug 13, 2018 at 13:40

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Since you don't specify a jurisdiction, I assume you're interested in the United States. In general, anything visible from public property is fair game for a photograph. There are exceptions (eg. you can't use a telephoto lens and a polarizer to take pictures through someone's bathroom window, and a photograph of a copyrighted work of art is still a copyright violation even if you're on a city street), but I'm not aware of any that would apply to a golf course.

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