My son has been attending a small private school attached to our church. About a year ago, we requested of his teacher/principal that he receive a Dyslexia screening. The teacher agreed to get that set up. Months later it still hadn't happened. It eventually came out that the teacher had been deliberately stalling getting the testing.

I know that this would be illegal in a public school setting. I also know that the IDEA Act requires the public schools to work with private schools to some extent. What is less clear from what I can find online is whether (and under what circumstances) the private school is required to work with the public school and the parents to facilitate this testing.

Note: In this case, testing was eventually accomplished and the private school did facilitate the testing once we asked the public school directly.

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The act applies to states and public agencies, per 34 CFR 300.1, but can apply to private institutions if

(1) Referred to or placed in private schools and facilities by that public agency; or

(2) Placed in private schools by their parents under the provisions of §300.148

but the responsibility for guaranteeing compliance rests with the local education agency (that is, you would complain to the relevant school district, who has the responsibility for providing special education).

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