I'm constantly getting spam calls and sms from TVS Credit, but I never signed up for their services. Here's some backstory on the matter.

The company claims that some person called "NI" (don't want to disclose the full name of this individual) had signed up for their service using my phone number. He had taken a loan from them and has not paid back a certain amount of it. I own this phone number for the last five years and the company claims that Mr. NI had signed up for their services before that (before I owned this phone number).

I don't know this person (Mr. NI) at all and have no idea what's happening here. I have raised a complaint with TVS Credit customer care explaining the situation, and they claimed that the spam calls and sms would stop by 15th of June (have an email proof of that). Today is 2nd July, and I'm still getting daily spam calls from them. What steps can I take to stop these calls for good? Is there any government body which would entertain my complaint?

PS: The spam calls and messages are general promotions about the company's services and also reminders for Mr. NI to pay back his due amount. Also truecaller spam filter does not work as the company keeps calling from different numbers.


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