I live in Dumont, NJ. I'm about to sign a lease with a landlord and I also have Section 8. I haven't moved in yet; To finalize the rent payment to the landlord, there must be a HAP contract signed by the 3 parties in which I pay a portion and Section 8 pays a portion of the rent after me giving the executed lease (landlord+tenant only).If Section 8 doesnt go through with the contract, I will guess the landlord wont want me. Will I still have to pay the 1 month Broker fee since nothing was finalized/signed? Broker section in Lease states for me to pay the fee "upon signing the lease." I want to wait to pay it until everything is finalized. I asked for broker to put "upon signing HAP contract" instead, but she seems dismissive to my written request.

Your guidance would be appreciated.

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    What are the exact terms (if any) of the contract in regard to (1) the broker fee, and (2) the landlord's decision? Sep 23, 2022 at 10:38
  • Update: broker did add fee will be given upon signing HAP contract. For the sake of time, I cant write the entire contract. However, it states that the fee would be paid upon signing the Section 8 contract and when all the paperwork is finalized with Section 8. It doesnt mention anything about conditions with the broker and landlord. What is your opinion if I or Section 8 dont want to follow through? Will I owe them or not even though nothing was finalized? thanks in advance.
    – CharlesBen
    Sep 28, 2022 at 8:27
  • "For the sake of time, I cant write the entire contract." You were never expected to write the entire contract, but just two portions that seem relevant to your question. Just saying that "It doesnt mention anything about conditions with the broker and landlord" is inconclusive as to item (2) because it is unclear to us whether or not your statement refers to conditions only between broker and landlord. Chances are the broker fee will be due once everyone is on board by signing the lease and the HAP contract, but the lack of clarity in your question precludes an assertive assessment. Sep 28, 2022 at 11:17


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