I have written a novel and I want to publish it on Amazon KDP. However, I am facing a difficulty regarding the copyright page. Any assistance would be highly appreciated. I am based out of India and I have the following questions:

  1. According to Indian copyright Law, do I have to register a copyright or do I own the copyright of my novel as I am the creator (which is the case in US copyright law)

  2. If I use a pen name while publishing my novel, can I write the same at the beginning of my book in the format indicated below or would I have to use my legal name?

Format: Copyright © 2022 Pen Name All rights reserved.

  1. If I do not register the copyright, can I include the above format in the beginning of my book, as the book is my intellectual property and I own it.

Any Help would be highly appreciated!


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According to this article :

In the case of pseudonymous or anonymous works, the default owner of the copyright in the work is the publisher of the work, as provided under Section 54(b) of the Copyright Act, 1957. This default position remains until the identity of the author is disclosed publicly by the author and the publisher, or is otherwise to the satisfaction of the Copyright Board by that author or the author's legal representatives.

If you don't register your pseudonymous work manually to be yous, the copyright, and appropriate protection, will only be given to the publisher, here Amazon

To register the copyright and link your legal name to that publication, use Form XIV on the Copyright Office of India site :

The format for the application for registration of copyright is contained in Form XIV accompanying the Copyright Rules, 2013, and includes a detailed Statement of Particulars where certain declarations must be made. The Statement of Particulars has separate columns for the names of the author, copyright owner, and publisher. A proper declaration would mean that in the case of pseudonymous works, the name of the author must be the pseudonym that is used in connection with the work, and the name of the copyright owner should be the real name of the author of the work.

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